End of the road Phuket

I want to start off saying that I officially got two Thailand tattoos a couple days ago. Yes they hurt. And i'm sure your all wondering what they are, wait for it... Wait for it... They are the infamous motorbike tats on the back of each of my calves. Might I add not my smartest day considering both happened on the same day at varying occasions. Refer below for photos.


Our time in Phuket came to an end on the 28th, but not before headed back to the hospital to get the second dose of Whitney's non-foam at the mouth shot. Which is good considering I told her if she started I was going I take her out 'Outbreak' style.

Before leaving we visited monkey hill to test out whit's rabies shot, just kidding. But there were swarms of monkeys right next to us sexing and playing. Pretty neat.


Also we met up with two of Mike's friends who are both originally from Orlando and came to teach english. Megan and Bryan are a newly engaged couple that have been living in Thailand for two years now and planning on a possible third. Super cute couple who we are going to meet up with in Bangkok and Chang Mai as well. I lucked out with only bike burns. They were unfortunate enough to have the scary stuff happen, a successful robbery and crash. Megan had her bag freely nestled in-between them and a man grabbed it while they were driving. She struggled with the man that led to them wiping out. Lucky nothing more than some road rash and stolen property, but walked away not being a true horror story that are found all over the Thai newspapers.

Bikes are the primary form of transportation found due to mainly not being able to afford any better. Having a vehicle is normally a sign of status, but really they are just a nuisance in the streets to everyone else.

Anywho, that day we visited Kathu waterfall, which was a considerable amount smaller due to it being dry season. After, we visited Freedom beach, enjoying basking in the sun and eating fresh coconut.

Phuket showed us an amazing time, but it's time to move on and get the traveling part started. Excited for whats to come. Over and out.

Phi Phi here we come.