Contribute to 'Reddy to take the U.S.'

I have been to a good number of countries throughout the world and am always thinking about how to purchase my next intercontinental plane ticket. The adventure I have desired is the American dream, an RV trip around the states. I have yet to really explore our very big backyard, and was lucky enough to have my friend Sami invite me along. Sami and I will begin the adventure circling the United States for three months beginning in June of this year and we are pumped to share our adventure with you along the way. An RV isn't financially in the budget... details..details.

Crossing the U.S., we will have the opportunity of meeting many different people. We thought this would be a great chance to spread the word about a charity close to both of our hearts. The Reddy2Fight Foundation was inspired by our friend's young son battling with Wilms, a type of childhood cancer. We are working out details currently, but are excited to be ambassadors for the foundation. You will be able to read more about the foundation either by clicking on Reddy2Fight or selecting the Reddy2Fight page tab above. More details to come in the Breathing Happy blog. 

If you so feel the desire to donate to our trip, please click on the above contribution button. All contributions will go 100% towards discovering the most amazing U.S. sites and bringing them to your computer screen and visiting children across the states representing The Reddy2Fight Foundation, spreading happiness through community and optimism. 

With each contribution level we would like to say Thank You in the below ways:

  • FRIEND LEVEL: $15.00 - A personalized postcard sent from a stop on the trip.
  • SUPERSTAR LEVEL: $30.00 - Friend level AND personalized THANK YOU video from the Tramping the U.S. duo (and knowing the both of us this could be very entertaining).
  • IDOL LEVEL: $50.00 - Friend level, Superstar level AND if you have a challenge or dare for us along the way, we will...consider it. (As trip owners, we have the right to accept or decline - posted evidence either highlighted on blog or personal email)
  • LEGEND LEVEL: $100.00 - ALL above levels AND an awesome souvenir.
  • Anything above these levels, there are no words for how much of an amazing human being you are.