Playtime at Phi Phi

Here I am laying at the KL House in Krabi, Thailand. We're all sitting here trying to prepare for our upcoming day tomorrow but I have absolutely no desire to pack any of my belongings. I also believe I have contracted a stomach ache from our dinner, so what better to do than put off everything and instead update you guys!

Our first stop was Koh Phi Phi. The first I had ever heard or seen anything about this island was when I watched the 2000 Leonardo Dicaprio movie, 'The Beach.' If you haven't seen the movie it was good, but the scenery was amazing. We only had one night enjoying the island so we had to fit everything we could in.

The two of the six Phi Phi islands we visited were Phi Phi Don (big) and Phi Phi Lee (small.) From Don we hired a long tail boat to ferry us over to explore. Our first stop was an inlet that we took a dip in. It was just like a swimming pool, completely crystal clear with huge limestone rock cliffs encasing three sides.

From there we stopped to snorkel. Rin, our captain, had bread and once we held it out we were surrounded. There was a thick wall of colorful fish in between myself, Mike and Whitney. Thank goodness they didn't have teeth because they were definitely nipping at me. After we just drove through Maya Beach to grab a quick photo of where the movie was shot because there was a fee to actually dock.

Now we keep pushing our luck with this monkey business because our last stop was monkey beach. All around the beach are dozens of monkeys of all ages. There are also dozens of silly tourists taking photos and gawking at the cute little monkeys (us included.) Now there was one woman in particular who decided to cross the boundary and have no fear when it came to these primates. The pack of monkeys didn't like her invading their bubble, especially the big daddy leader. They started advancing on her quickly and she tripped over her feet while fleeing them. The leader latched on and she walked away with blood dripping down her leg. I hope she takes my advice I was screaming as she limped away, "rabies shot!!" This put Whitney's tiny scratch to shame, and now we can say we truly witnessed a monkey attack.

Retreating to our rooms we decided to grab a quick massage before nightfall. If you haven't had a true Thai massage before I suggest everyone get one at least once. It' s definitely an experience.

Once night fell the beach came alive with young westerners, alcohol and fire dancing parties. Each bar had their own show going on with thai fire poi, sticks, and even fire jump rope. Mike and Whitney both had a go at the jumprope but since I have already burned myself I though it would be wise of me to skip.

Phi Phi proved to show us a good time, and our mark was made especially when Whitney was the only one to win the limbo contest. Her winnings are still sitting nicely tucked inside Mike's side backpack pocket, which is i'm sure a very cheap Thai vodka.

Laa kawn