Mad Monkey, Buddha, and Bugs! Oh My!

I'm pretty sure I've seen almost all of Phuket island in the past couple of days. We have been nonstop tramping around this town. The Big Buddha was for sure on our list of things to do. I would maybe say The Big Buddha was the Hollywood sign of Thailand. From anywhere in Phuket city you have a view of this enormous statue. So we set off up the mountain to go and check it out. Upon arriving Whitney and I were given skirts and scarves to cover our shoulders and knees to show respect. Walking up to this landmark we were in awe of how large it was, standing at around 150 ft. tall.

After the obvious tourist photo shoot we set off inside to find monks chanting prayers, and a line beginning to form on the right side where there were young monks, in training maybe? The crowd was lining up to give their offerings of rice to the boy monks. Since everything monks receive is given to them there is no exception with food. Whit and I hopped in and went down the line scooping out a spoonful of rice for each.

Ascending the stairs was killer, but the view that came afterwards was stunning. With a year predicted until Big Buddha is completed, there is still construction happening on site. Our wolf pack decided we needed to be encased in this landmark forever. Therefor we donated by purchasing a small block of marble that will become part of the statue in the future.

Now there is one thing I forgot to mention about on our scoot up the mountain. With Whitney charging on in front of the pack she decides she needs to make a pit stop. Where else other than a slightly grimy monkey show? Following her in, by the time Mike and I make it inside she is already off her hog and nose deep trying to figure out if she can get a photo with these foreign creatures.

After some wagering she's allowed and I'm tossed the camera to capture these UNFORGETTABLE moments. The first was a larger monkey nice and proper even crossing his legs to sit next to her. Now over to the little baby monkey everything changed. This rampant thing was hopping about everywhere..head..shoulder... swinging off arms, I couldn't even keep the camera in one spot. And then a big truck drives by and ....BAM..CHOMP..

Getting to Thailand: $750

Having photo taken with cute monkey: 100 baht

Doctors bill: 1500 baht

Getting to hold Whitney's hand while she receives a rabies and tetanus shot? PRICELESS

Let this be a lesson to everyone when the monkey guy says don't grab the monkey. Don't grab the monkey. Lesson learned. Here comes the tour of hospitals in Thailand!

Moving on, we've seen so many beaches and viewpoints I can barely keep their names straight. Each is more gorgeous than the next.

Kata Noi

Kata Noi

Now I'd like to mention to Sami and Nina, you hookers, they do have 'Hunger Games' here. Mainly to Nina since you teased me that I wouldn't be able to see it :)

Markets in a lot of places have the same things. Cheap clothes and souvenirs from their country and of course the local food. One things you can find here and not back home...bugs. I feel as though this is a rite of passage if you visit Southeast Asia. Whitney and I decided to jump in bellies first with Mike eating for moral support. We dined on grasshopper, cricket and mealworms. The worms were probably the most tasty.

Just a couple days left in Phuket and we are off to more surrounding islands off the east and west coast of Thailand. The promise of more entries to come depending on the wi-fi maybe a couple at a time!

Time to start my day