Wyoming Bound!

BOGO Video Week!!




Following several nights in Glacier National Park without showers or beds, we were stoked to meet up with some of our best friends from High School who all live in a house together in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Al, Jer, Tree and Graves share a bachelor pad in the foothills of the Grand Tetons. 

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a nature oasis with what seems to be a community living an extremely content life. 'Downtown' is quaint but has everything you need, and it really seems like people that live there work to live and not live to work.

The day after we arrived, we drove to Pacific Creek in the Grand Teton National Park for a little fly fishing lesson. There is a finesse to the swing of the line and a strategy on where to place your fly on the river. Apparently there are also fly fisherman who go into detailed specifics on which type of flies to use due to mating seasons during this or that month, demographics on where your fishing or the rush of the water in a certain area. 

We had a blast learning the ropes and both even caught a fish! It's is a lot easier to pick up than expected.

This is the first stop we were able to have not one but TWO home-cooked meals. Eating out and campfire meals are great and all but our stomach were yearning for some fresh veg. And to top off the homemade aspect, Al made his grandmothers Tzatziki sauce recipe. Yum! 

Everyone in Jackson either... hikes, mountain bikes, goes rafting or fly fishes. They are sooooo active. On a normal day they will combine either two of the above while working and running at least three errands. 

We took a nice day raft down the main river in Jackson, the Snake River. The second video up top covers the basics of the day, make sure to take a look!

After our Raft we hit the town that night to do some damage. The next day we felt the damage that incurred the evening before but as they say 'No rest for the weary.' We went for a leisure float down their neighborhood river to try and recover and that evening we went on a hike named Wally World. 

We met up with Tree's sister, Hayley, and her boyfriend to trek the beautiful wildflower walk. The hike was slightly in uncharted areas. For us,  this means more fun, less people to bump into and be crowded in the background of your pictures. That is a down side to some of the National parks we've visited and the upside to having local friends, forrr suureee :)

The dogs gallivanted through the flowers with a vengeance. I couldn't see where they were until they almost swept me off my feet a few times.  After bushwacking through the greenery and gathering a couple more scapes to add to the collection, we made it to the top that provided us spectacular views of Jackson and neighboring mountains. 

This stop did not disappoint in the slightest. It was nice to be comfortable in an area and around friends. Could we ever live there? This i'm not positive about. We loved the lifestyle and the gorgeous surroundings. But in my case I think I need a bigger city. A couple years couldn't hurt though :)

Colorado here we come!


Things we learned while in Jackson Hole, Wyoming:

  1. The word leisure has many different definitions

  2. Our lives are far less active than the average Jackson Hole-r

  3. The art of fly fishing

  4. Their tap drinking water is unparalleled