Our beautiful start

Where to begin? Well, after a day and a half of not having anything I brought with me, my backpack finally showed up at our hotel/apt/hostel room. The wait wasn't that bad it was just the not being able to communicate part because by the time it arrived I still wasn't sure if it was even ever going to be found. The show must go on though. I've had two days in wonderful Phuket now, and it's different but pretty amazing.


Yesterday started off with a short walk around the street that Mike has been staying at for the past few months. Street vendors with food and goodies at every corner and found my favorite coconuts I loved drinking when I was visiting Australia. There they were about $3.50 for one and here 15 baht- which compares to around $.50. What a steal!

After we decided we needed another hog, or motorbike that is. Whitney got her own, while I definitely opted out of having a personal one. Let's just say these streets are not the easiest of navigating, one, and two, I'm not the best of drivers. Now there is a certain way of driving here, there is a right and a left lane. But even sometimes that isn't for sure, if you see someone coming straight at you don't panic. But at the same time the Thai aren't the best drivers either so maybe you should...

Coming here not knowing the Thai language is kind of difficult and I keep finding myself to want to speak Spanish to everyone, And when I do it obviously gets us nowhere. As of now I've settled with thank you always the best word.. Cawp kuhn ka!

The past two days we have been touring Phuket via motorbikes and have visited some beautiful lookouts as well as dined on the beach. While Mike was finishing one of his last days at school Whitney and I decided to try out a massage on the beach. We picked a one hour oil/thai massage. At about ten dollars it was amazing! At certain points it did feel as though she was going to break me in half bc the traditional Thai massage is concentrated on pressure points and stretching. I'm thinking this is going to have to become a regular errand of at least each week! After the massage we were able to hold an octopus some locals found and were grilling up to bar-b-que. He was still alive and suctioned to me.


Mike has been being our tour guide while we are staying in Phuket, and we are so lucky to have him. Below is Kata Beach this spot was beautiful! I asked Mike later where exactly the Sunami had hit. I was informed that here at Kata beach were where most of the actual sunami videos had taken place. Its pretty awesome to see a community thrive after having something so terrible happen. I'm interested in meeting someone I can talk to down the road about the event and how they feel about it.


These are Spirit Houses. They are outside almost every establishment and home, and the people provide offferings to them to make them happy. If they are not pleased they are said to cause problems.

There is still a lot to come, I can't believe it is only our second day. We have booked all of our tickets now and it seems on this tour we will be visiting 6 countries, aren't we lucky ducks?!

Until next time!

By the way did I mention Whitney's bag weighed 33lbs? I just found out why... She has a whole manicure kit in her bag. I can only imagine what else she brought, silly girl :)