In Transit


Wow, what a hectic last couple of days it's been! Getting everything in order is stressful, but I do want to thank all of you who have helped me along the way to make the process go a little smoother.


It's definitely bittersweet leaving everything back home. With leaving my family and my sister who literally JUST became engaged, to leaving my most amazing puppy, Nixon, in the loving hands of my little sister Alyssa and I'm sure my mom at times- all the way over to leaving my comfort zone of Orlando, where I have been living for the past.... 7 years? And don't forget leaving some of my best friends, two of whom have also just became engaged! Seriously ladies, let's slow it down here, no weddings until I return :)


Orlando has for sure became another one of my "homes." I've met so many truly incredible people throughout the last years. Some I met right off the bat and others just a couple of months ago, but I do have some incredible memories that I am leaving with. Thanks everyone for a crazy, unforgetful chunk of my life.


Now I'm not sure if everyone is in the loop with my possible itinerary for the course of the upcoming months, so here it is. I'm on my first flight to LA right now to meet up with one of my travel partners, Whitney. I met Whitney when I visited the UCF campus for orientation. She proceeded to get up in front of all the freshman and sing ' I'm a little teapot' for some sort of game, and from right then I knew I needed to be her friend.


From LA we are flying to Phuket, Thailand. Here we are being greeted by our other companion, Mike Connor. I met Mike back in 2006 when we we're both working at Orlando Watersports Complex, and he was trying to help me pass my college algebra class. Well he went on to become a math teacher, but for the last year has been in Thailand teaching English.

We aren't completely certain on all of our plans only some are completely nailed down. For sure countries include, Thailand obviously, Laos and Indonesia (Bali in particular.) Now with any good backpacking trip I'm sure plans will be all jumbled up and there will bumps along the way, but that's the fun of it, after it's over of course!

The journey is just about to begin, I for one am pumped. But don't let me fool you, nervous at the same time. But hey, to me that's what life is about - taking chances, pushing yourself and seeing what you are really capable of. Not everyone gets to experience this and I am humbled at the fact that I am able to. Love and miss everyone. Thanks for joining me in writing my story.

Ps. Bag didn't make it. I knew the Delta woman in Orlando was a hooker. Trying to solve situation tomorrow. Thank goodness for travel insurance.